Exhibition N°1: June 20  – September 17, 2017
La Galerie Goutal will open its doors on Thursday 29th June 2017 with an inaugural exhibition bringing together the works of Jean-Pierre Attal, Gilles Desrozier, Pierre Ollier and the duo of Olivia and Vincent Goutal.
«N°1» presents 5 contemporary photographers. The exhibited works were selected for their outstanding technical and aesthetic qualities as well as for their original approach to the photographic medium. Each image is the result of a personal reflection on the relation man maintains with the modern world.
Since the 2000s, Jean-Pierre Attal‘s photographic research has been a sociological survey of the mechanisms underlying urban environments and their architectural structures.
As with the ethnographer, he first collected raw data from the field. Then, he synthesises, structuring his images as abstract compositions, generating patterns that seem to extend beyond the image itself.
Like modern monoliths, Jean-Pierre Attal ‘s large formats make us question the evolution of the urban landscape and the impact it can have on human beings.

Jean-Pierre Attal ‘s work is regularly exhibited at major international contemporary art fairs and have been acquired by private foundations and public collections.

Gilles Desrozier likes the idea that a photograph can be the start of an adventure. In his works, he explores places at the crossroads of tangled histories, real and fictitious. It is when he travels that he collects the shots that constitute the raw material of his work. A documentary substrate on which he weaves a dream world with finesse. Through his creations, the author explores the possibilities of the camera. One can see autochrome, solarisation, cross-processing, shift… From these real superpositions appears a unique, troubling image, lifting the boundary between the real and the imaginary.
Gilles Desrozier was a recipient of the prestigious Arcimboldo prize and was awarded the HSBC prize. He regularly exhibits at international fairs.
To create these wanderings between dream and reality, the duo Olivia and Vincent Goutal draws their inspiration from the collective imagination. Whether it be in advertising iconography, literature, cinema, and especially in the paintings of Edward Hopper, Caspar Friedrich or the great masters of the Golden Age. Upon the inaugural exhibition of their gallery, they unveiled the first images from their series on childhood: « Les Petits Mondes ».

Olivia and Vincent Goutal were recognised in the Sony Photography Awards and the International Photography Awards. Laureates of the Photomed Awards 2016, they have recently been chosen by Editions de l’Olivier to illustrate the cover of Jakuta Alikavazovic’s novel, « L’Avancée de la nuit ».

In the C.L.I.N.T.E.A.S.T.W.O.O.D series, Pierre Ollier travelled to the Tabernas Desert in Spain, which has served as a film setting since the mid-twentieth century, due to its resemblance to the Sahara and the American West deserts. Sergio Léone filmed his famous Dollars Trilogy there in the 60s.
Following in the footsteps of the Italian director, the C.L.I.N.T.E.A.S.T.W.O.O.D. series revisits the myth of the « lonesome cowboy » in the form of photographic fiction. But behind these images evoking the beauty of the films from the sixties, this project questions the identity of the place: by maintaining the folklore of a bygone era, the Tabernas desert provokes a split from reality itself. In its duplicity, what is the true identity of this area?

Laureate of the Photomed Awards 2016, the young photographer Pierre Ollier exposes his C.L.I.N.T.E.A.S.T.W.O.O.D series for the first time.

EXPOSITION N°1  du 29 juin  au 30 septembre 2017

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