Geert de Taeye


Geert De Taeye is a creative and multifaceted photographer who shoots advertising campaigns, portraits, landscapes, painting, movie-inspired pictures and Artworks. This diversity has been essential for the young photographer to distinguish himself and forge a place within a culture dominated by ‘the image’. Geert’s approach is subtle and clever; he photographs and rearranges what he sees, reinventing and manipulating what is actually taking place at a given moment in time. He combines flawless techniques with the force of persuasion, irony and empathy. The truth is not always apparent and his work never ceases to captivate.


Born in 1980
Lives and works in Brussels

Exhibitions (selection):
2019 Solo Show, Galerie Goutal, Aix-en-Provence
2018 YIA, Galerie Goutal, Carreaux du Temple, Paris
2018 St-Art, Galerie Goutal, Strasbourg
2018 Fotofever, Galerie Goutal, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris
2018 Creative Festival, Skopje
2017 Arthus Gallery, Brussels
2017 Creative Festival, Macédoine
2016 Chateau de Seneffe, Belgique
2011 Gallery Los Angeles
2011 Crane Kallmann Gallery, Brighton
2011 APW Gallery, New-York
2010 Host Gallery, London

2017 IPA awards Honorable mention
2014 IPA winner
2011 IPA awards Honorable mention
2010 Photography Master Cup, winner
2008 Knack Weekend Award