Pierre Ollier


A lonely traveller in search of empty and remote landscapes, Pierre Ollier leads us, with his C.L.I.N.T.E.A.S.T.W.O.O.D. series, through the Tabernas desert in Spain. A region of more than 280 km2 which, due to its similarities with the deserts of the American and Arab West, served, since the 50s, as an open-air decor for the filming of many films and westerns. World-famous, especially for the films of Sergio Leone, Tabernas maintains a close connection with cinema. Extras are still there, and the sets are invariably in place to attract tourists.
Sequenced to form an almost cinematographic narrative, the images of Pierre Ollier are of a troubling beauty and relate more to the quest for identity than to the road movie. One can perceive the silence and the solitude of the photographer/narrator who is waiting for the right moment to capture that golden light which is so peculiar. Is the reality of the Tabernas desert photographed here or indeed the echo of a memory, that of so many generations’ fascination with the golden age of cinema?
A mysterious link seems to be formed between this savage territory and those men who seem frozen in a “replay” of another era. We are in Spain and yet Hollywood imagery is pouring into this desert land.  Among the worn decor, the figure of the “lonesome cowboy” appears, fleeting, almost disembodied.
The C.L.I.N.T.E.A.S.T.W.O.O.D. series is like the monumental Hollywood sign on Mount Lee. Erected in a splendid landscape, it is the imprint of the excesses of man. Its name triggers the dream. Monumental, the letters stretch across the hill like an affront to nature. Yet they are no less fragile. Forever gnawed by rust, but eternally repainted to maintain the dream, they carry within them the threat of collapse. Between fiction and reality, the images of Pierre Ollier evoke the duplicity of the Tabernas desert and question us about the meaning and identity of this region.


may 2017, O. Goutal


Born in 1985
Works and live in Paris


2016: Laureate of the Photomed Awards 2016

Exhibitions (selection):

Exhibition N°1, Galerie Goutal
Photomed Beirut, Liban
Festival de la Photographie Méditerranéenne, Sanary-sur-mer
Carpe Noctem, Troisièmes Rencontres Photographiques, Eygurande
Don de Soie, l’atelier de couture, Maison Franc Moisin – Bel Air, Saint-Denis
Melo Vacua, Find Rangers Zine Release Show, Book and Job Gallery, San Francisco